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  • The Jasper Street Department collects recyclables on an alternating schedule.Recycling bins are available at Jasper City Hall.A free recycling bin and lid will be available to new residents and/or new participants to the recycling program.
  • Additional recycling bins and lids may be purchased at Jasper City Hall for $15.00. *note: Our recycling bins are not required for pick-up; but a sturdy equivalent container if required.
  • Each category should be in a separate container or bin. DO NOT use plastic bags (such as Wal-Mart bags) or brown paper bags.
  • View the Collection Calendar Link Below

Regular Recycling Week 

  • Aluminum: Beverage cans only. Rinse well and crush if possible.
  • Clear Glass Jars: Rinse well, remove caps, lids and rings. NO colored glass, light bulbs, windows, mirrors, drinking glasses, or eye glasses.
  • Newspaper & Inserts: Newspaper must be kept DRY. Newspaper is the responsibility of the property owner until it is picked up. Do not mix junk mail, office paper, catalogs, magazines, or computer paper with the newspaper.
  • Steel cans: Rinse soup and vegetable cans.
  • #2 HDCP Frosted Plastic: Items must be frosted or translucent and have a #2 on the bottom such as milk jugs, juice jugs, vinegar jugs, etc. NO colored items or other numbers.

Cardboard Recycling Week 

  • Corrugated Cardboard, Paperboard, Brown Paper Bags, Cereal Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Toothpaste Boxes
  • Please flatten boxes.

Magazine Recycling

Magazines & Phone Books will be collected 6 times a year. These items also need to be kept dry. Refer to the city calender for pick-up dates.

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