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Beaver Lake

Effective 2021, A Beaver Lake Watercraft Permit Application must accompany payment for a boating permit. The application and permits are available at the Beaver Lake boat ramp or at the Park and Recreation office at 1301 St. Charles Street.  

Beaver Lake launch sign


Four miles east of Jasper, turn north off of State Road 164.

About This Location

A 205 acre lake which offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities.
The winter draw down date starts the week of November 15th through the week of March 15th.   

Shelter houses and picnic areas provide an excellent setting for family gatherings.


42 Lots - $450 per year
Docks - $50 per year

Class of Boat

Class A

Each kayak, row boat or canoe not equipped with a motor of any type, there will be an annual fee of $10.00. 

Class B

Each boat equipped with an outboard motor of ten horsepower or less, there will be an annual fee of $35.00.

Class C

Each boat equipped with outboard or inboard motors greater than 10hp and meeting United States Coast Guard and Boating Industry of America boat size and horsepower limitations, there will be an annual fee of $40.00.


  • Shelter
  • Fishing
  • Picnic Area

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Beaver Lake
Indiana 164 & N 325 E, Jasper, IN 47546
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