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Allen Seifert

Allen Seifert

The Clerk-Treasurer is the fiscal officer for the City of Jasper and the clerk of the City Council and Board of Public Works and Safety. The Clerk-Treasurer serves as head of the Department of Finance and serves as the official keeper of the City's records.

The Clerk-Treasurer's term of office is for four years with no restrictions on the number of terms which can be served.

Powers & Duties

  • Processes and maintains all financial data including revenues, expenditures, payroll and city budgets.
  • Makes investments of City monies.
  • Keeps records of Council and Board of Public Works and Safety proceedings and has charge of documents relating to its business.
  • Prepares and keeps Ordinance Books and Resolutions.
  • Keeps contracts between the City and other public agencies.
  • Provides copies, upon request, of documents that are maintained in the Clerk-Treasurer's Office.
  • May officiate at weddings

Contact Us

Allen Seifert, Clerk-Treasurer
Jasper City Hall
610 Main St
P. O. Box 29, Jasper, IN 47547
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