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Building and Construction

The Department serves as a one-stop shop for community development projects as well as property owners looking to improve and maintain the value of their neighborhoods. The department provides an exceptional customer service experience that residents and businesses expect.

In addressing the City's land use concerns, the Department of Community Development & Planning issues a variety of permits relating to construction projects. Location improvement permits (building), sign permits, fence permits, pool permits, demolition permits and grading/land disturbance permits are a sampling of the permits granted.

Generally, permits are processed within (5) business days of receipt of an accurately completed application.

Permits are valid from six (6) months from issue date. Property owner has two (2) years to complete the project.

Permit Fees

Industrial Construction
$200.00 base rate + $.08 per sq. ft.

Commercial Construction
$200.00 base rate + $.08 per sq. ft.

Industrial/Commercial Construction - Accessory Building
$100.00 base rate + $.08 per sq. ft.

Industrial Commercial Construction - Building Addition
$.03 per sq. ft. (min $150-max $1,500)

Apartment Construction
$200.00 base rate + $100.00 each unit + $.10/sq. ft.

Residential Construction - Single or Two-Family
$200.00 base rate

Residential Construction - Accessory Building or Building Addition
Accessory Building: $50.00 base rate + $.05 per sq. ft.

Other Permits

Fence Permit - $35.00

Swimming Pool Permit - Above Ground $50.00 and In Ground $75.00 - Pool with Fence Permit Required

Sign Permit - $1 per sq. ft. - Surface mounted or free standing sign

Demolition Permit - $50.00

Grading/Land Disturbance Permit - No charge

Call before you dig!

Before starting a building or landscaping project that will include excavation, call for an underground utility locate first! It's the law...Just call 811, Indiana's "Call Before You Dig" at least two full working days before you plan to dig. This free service is for your convenience and safety.

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