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Resource Recovery Site

The City of Jasper Street Department provides a drop-off site for yard waste; the"Resource Recovery Site".
This site is provided for the residents of the City of Jasper only and is located next to the Street Department.
Items allowed in the recovery site include: Natural growth (limbs, leaves, grass, weeds vines, old plants); uncontaminated dirt, rock, brick, clean concrete, and road demolition waste.
Operation hours are Mon - Fri 7:00am to 4:00pm and Saturdays 7:00 am to 12:00pm.

Items NOT ALLOWED in the recovery site include: any processed wood (2x4's, plywood, etc.), metal, plastic, trash or trash bags of any kind. City Employees will randomly check driver's license for verification as this site is provided for residents of the City of Jasper Only.

In efforts to reduce/reuse yard waste; the Jasper Street Department offers leaf mulch and wood mulch free to the public. Our yearly collection of loose leaves are stockpiled and turned periodically to create a wonderful leaf mulch to enrich gardens, landscaping, flower beds, etc...
Also, to extend the life of the Recovery Site; limbs that are collected and hauled in are also stockpiled. Once we have reached a sufficient amount; a grinder is brought in and all limbs are mulched. This wood mulch is a great accent to gardens, flower beds or for walking paths.

Note: When hauling leaf or wood mulch; we request the mulch be covered to avoid blowing out as you travel to your destination.