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Tax Phase-In (Abatement) Program

The City of Jasper offers a tax phase-in (abatement) program for qualifying businesses. Property tax abatement in Indiana is authorized under Indiana Code 6-1.1-12.1-1 et. Seq. in the form of deductions from assessed valuation. Property owners in a locally-designated Economic Revitalization Area (ERA) who make improvements to real property or installs eligible new or used personal property may qualify for tax abatement. For a complete overview of the Tax Phase-In Program, please review the Tax Phase-In (Abatement) Program Overview and Guideline Scoring System (provide link) document.

For assistance with additional questions, please contact Josh Gunselman, Director of Community Development and Planning, at (812) 482-4255 or jgunselman@jasperindiana.gov.


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