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Utility Emergencies can be reported 24/7 by calling 812-482-9131


The Jasper Municipal Utilities, under control of the Utility Service Board, provides Electric, Water, Natural Gas, and Wastewater services to the City of Jasper and, in some cases, the surrounding area. Each utility operates under the direction of an Operating Manager who reports to the General Manager of Utilities. Administrative Operations are centralized within the Utility Business Office.

The Utility Business Office consists of three departments - Billing, Customer Service, and Accounting. It is the responsibility of the Business Office to read meters, bill customers, accept payments, answer and respond to questions or problems, and to monitor and report on the financial status of each utility.

The Electric Utility provides electricity to approximately 5,800 Residential, 1,000 Commercial, 200 Institutional and Governmental, and 100 Industrial customers.
The Water Utility consists of two divisions, Treatment and Distribution, which provides potable water to approximately 5,500 Residential, 780 Commercial, 150 Institutional and Governmental, and 100 Industrial customers. Water is drawn from the Patoka River and treated before it enters the distribution system.

The Natural Gas Utility consists of two divisions. The Distribution division provides natural gas to approximately 3,500 Residential, 550 Commercial, 75 Institutional and Governmental, and 55 Industrial customers. The Administration division handles multitudes of Federal and State regulations, as well as public education and safety, and all gas purchasing. Natural gas is purchased from various suppliers and is transported across the Spectra Energy (Texas Eastern) and Trans Canada (ANR) transmission systems.

The Wastewater Utility consists of two divisions, Collection and Treatment, which provides wastewater services to approximately 5,800 Residential, 670 Commercial, 100 Institutional and Governmental, and 60 Industrial customers. After wastewater is collected through the city's sewer mains, it is deposited at the Wastewater Treatment Facility where it is treated and returned to the Patoka River.

The Utility Service Board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor and the Common Council. It is the responsibility of the board to set policy pertaining to the operation of each utility, authorize capital expenditures, and approve payments to vendors for materials and supplies.


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