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Paving Guidelines


During early spring each year, Street Department Personnel perform a visual inspection of all streets within the City of Jasper. During this inspection the condition of street surfaces are evaluated and given a rating. Streets which are deemed in need of attention are evaluated based on condition, estimated cost of repair, and total dollar amount budgeted for street reconditioning. Streets which require attention are then grouped into phases based on location.

Paving contractors do not own milling machines (machines which strip the old surface off of the pavement), therefore, they must depend on sub-contractors & thus their schedules. Due to heavy work load and/or weather conditions, a street may remain milled (rough) for as much as a week to ten days before the surface is replaced.

The Street Department strives to keep inconvenience to motorists to a minimum.

The Street Department and/or its paving contractor will notify motorists by placing "Road Work Ahead" signs and "No Parking" signs and cones along the area of construction. The Street Commissioner will notify residents of street work through his report to the Board of Public Works and Safety. Residents will also be notified through the local news & social media. Local & truck traffic may also be asked to use an alternate route.

Every effort is made to avoid closing the street completely so residents and/or emergency personnel may reach their destination with little difficulty. However, occasionally circumstances may require the street to be completely closed. The Street Department will notify residents and businesses at least 24 hours prior to closure if at all possible.

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