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Mission Statement

Our mission is to stimulate and encourage an appreciation of and participation in the arts. We will be a catalyst for cultural and economic development in Jasper and Dubois County through promotion of, participation in, and enjoyment of the arts.

Vision Statement

We are an organization guided by quality. We have developed a strategic plan that guides our work and allows us to be less reactive to everything that comes along. Our patrons are at the center of our work. We listen and respond to their needs as part of our mission. We treat patrons as if they are our best friends. We talk with them, we listen to them, and we respond to what they tell us. We have developed a positive working relationship with the Friends of the Arts. We work cooperatively with them to increase area support for all arts activities.

We believe the arts are for all. We offer a continuous series of visual and performing art experiences for both the novice and the more seasoned arts patron. We seek constantly to improve and expand our offerings. We are a partner in the arts with the Kennedy Center which connects the arts to the school curriculum and enhances teachers' professional development opportunities.

We continue to work on plans for our facility and will take strategic action on those plans in order to meet the needs of our customers. We work to maintain positive relationships with our city, our county, our business community and our patrons while focusing on bringing the arts to life for all.


In the 1970s a not-for-profit group, called the Jasper Auditorium Corporation was created in order to promote the building of a civic auditorium. The result of their campaign was the $600,000 Jasper Civic Auditorium which was completed in 1977.

Founded on May 12, 1975 as part of the City of Jasper, the Jasper Community Arts Commission became the only arts commission in the state to be officially recognized as a department of the city and under the authority of the city council. Its mission is to stimulate and encourage an appreciation of and participation in the arts by citizens of all ages in Jasper and the nearby area, and to foster an environment conducive to the enjoyment of the arts. The JCAC is responsible for the management of the Jasper Arts Center.

The Jasper Community Arts Commission consists of 11 government-appointed members. Four members of the Commission are appointed by the Mayor, five by the Jasper City Council, one by the Jasper Parks and Recreation Board and one by the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Board.

Since 1977, the Jasper Arts Center has grown in size and strength. In March 1983, a 31 x 117 feet addition provided for the Krempp Art Gallery, office space, additional restrooms, a ticket booth, concession area and storage space.

The Jasper Community Arts Commission employs a staff to oversee its day-to-day operations and programs. In the past few years the staff numbers have grown from the original two employees to four full-time and six part-time employees.

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