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Mayor's Blog

Sep 3rd, 2019
08:00 AM
about 11 months ago

The Impact Jasper Comprehensive Plan was approved and adopted in the August City Council meeting. The plan was developed over fourteen months and was divided into three parts:

  1. IMPACT TODAY - Information gathering of existing physical, demographic and market conditions, as well as previous and ongoing planning and visioning. This was the starting point to determine the direction for the future.
  2. IMPACT TOMORROW – Included vetting and finalizing a defined vision, overarching goals and strategies that are anticipated to impact our community.
  3. IMPACT THE FUTURE – Outlined an action plan for implementation of the goals and strategies to determine how Jasper will impact our future.

This plan document provides us a roadmap for advancing the city over the next ten years through proactive steps rather than being reactive to changes ahead. It contains a broad view of our community including economic development, neighborhoods, transportation, community facilities, utilities & infrastructure, parks & recreation, environmental assets, quality of life, and more.

Implementation of this plan is expected to happen through prioritization of projects, budgeting, land use decisions, resource availability, and the impact on economic development, quality of life, policy, code/compliance, and complexity.

The IMPACT Jasper Comprehensive Plan is ours and it’s up to us to ensure it is executed effectively.

Mayor Dean Vonderheide