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Mayor's Blog

Mar 1st, 2019
08:00 AM
about 1 year ago

Jasper is our home!  We innovate, invest, build, maintain, expand, freshen, secure, insure, learn, play, pray and raise our families here.  Jasper is what the citizens make it. 

I believe the above to be true.  In my short experience as Mayor I have been witness to an overwhelming amount of community support to continue the progress that has been part of our history.  Our citizens expect the community to be a role model for other communities not limited to the immediate area but on a national scale.  We take pride in what we do and how we live.  I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity as Mayor to be a part of the development of our Long-range Comprehensive Plan.  This plan, when completed later this summer, will provide us with a pathway to improving our community in ways that will attract new residents, fill voids for existing residents, and raise the “Quality of Life” standards we’ve grown to expect.  It’s an exciting time and together we can accomplish more than if we independently go about our business. 

I am excited about the collaboration that is taking place in our greater community of Dubois County.  Our neighboring communities and the Dubois County government officials are regularly working together to address opportunities that surface.  Recently, I was in various meetings with Mayor Spinner (Huntingburg) and Commissioner Brames (Dubois County) every day of that week.  It’s apparent to us that we need to work together to advance the future needs of our region.  As an example, we worked closely with the Army Corps of Engineers to request a deviation from standard operation procedure to help lower the water level of the Patoka Reservoir and prepare for spring rains which could be destructive for farmers and other businesses downstream.  We’ve also worked together on legislation that would not be beneficial to our communities by having conversations with Representative Bartels and Lindauer and with Senator Messmer. 

Jasper is a regional hub for activity and we must work with our neighbors to leverage the opportunities we have before us.  Our collaborative approach is a great asset from which we will continue to draw upon.   Thank you for your engagement and involvement in our community.  Together we make Jasper what it is.

Mayor Dean Vonderheide