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Mayor's Blog

Aug 31st, 2018
08:03 AM
about 2 years ago

     Over the course of one season…Jasper has changed so much. I hear it every day from citizens and visitors alike. In the span of two months these projects have impacted Jasper forever:

     July 7 – The Parklands of Jasper opens

             To say The Parklands has been well received would be
             an extraordinary understatement. Taking a former
             private golf course and woods and creating public space
             of this magnitude has created Indiana’s Natural Destination.

     August 25 – Demo of the Hoosier Desk site complete

             This work sets the stage for construction of the Thyen-
             Clark Cultural Center, the future home of Jasper Arts and
             the Jasper Public Library.

     Ongoing – River Centre

             In a couple months, River Centre’s Marriott hotel is really
             taking shape, work on one of the parking areas is underway
             and the old Jasper Cabinet building stands ready to become
             77 apartments and a commercial/retail venue.

     Thank you to everyone who has helped with Jasper’s future! What a difference a day makes!

Mayor Seitz