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Mayor's Blog

Sep 29th, 2017
07:44 AM
about 2 years ago

      On Friday, August 25, the City of Jasper lost a phenomenal leader – Chief of Police J. Michael Bennett.  The outpouring of sympathy indicated the impact Chief had – on his family, his department, his city and the law enforcement community.  This month’s message - the lyrics to “That’s What Brother’s Do” - written and performed by Indiana State Police office Kirby Stailey - is dedicated to Chief Bennett.



Written By: Kirby W. Stailey

Copyright 2015



Well after twenty weeks of Hell….the dream was coming true

He stood there while his dad, pinned a silver badge on blue

He knows he’d never made it, without his friends to pull him through

You’re never left behind, yeah that’s what brother do



He worked most every night and raised a family too

There were struggles in his mind, from things he had to see and do

He knows he’d never made it without his friends to pull him through

They’re always by your side, yeah That’s What Brothers Do



Side by side, they form the thin blue line

With honor and pride, try to keep the wrong from right

With a shiny coat of armor in brown, tan, or blue

They’ve always got your back, yeah That’s What Brothers Do



Well they had no way of knowing, that his next call would be his last

And the thin blue line was broken, with the news that he had past



They led a flag-covered coffin, all the way through town

To a final resting place, where they laid the warrior down

And as they laid that folded flag on his widows lap

They said “You’ll never walk alone, cause we all have your back”



Side by side they formed into a line

Salutes held high as they said their last goodbye

Then with shiny coats of armor and badges broke in two

They went back to the fight, cause That’s What Brothers Do

Oh, in his memory they still fight, cause That’s What Brothers Do


Kirby’s video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeXYlCiUwic