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Common Council

The Jasper City Council is comprised of seven part-time elected officials who serve four years and can run for reelection as often as they wish. As a legislative body, the council exercises power through the passage of ordinances and the appropriation of money.
There are five District Council Members and two At-Large Council Members.

Meetings: Wednesday following the third Monday of every Month
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Jasper City Hall, Council Chambers

  Council Member Kevin Manley  
  Kevin Manley
President Pro-Tempore of the Common Council
Council District 6
Council Member since 2006
Phone: 812-630-7862
John Schroeder Council Member John Bell Council Member Dave Hurst
John Schroeder
Council District 2
Council Member since 2017
Phone: 812-630-9797
John Bell
Council District 3
Council Member since 2016
Phone: 812-486-9433

Dave Hurst
Council District 4
Council Member since 2016
Phone: 812-482-4722

Earl Schmitt Nancy Eckerle Council Member Dean Vonderheide

Earl Schmitt
Council District 5
Council Member since 2012
Phone: 812-482-3792

Nancy Eckerle
Council At Large
Council Member since 2016
Phone: 812-634-2289
Dean Vonderheide
Council At Large
Council Member since 2016
Phone: 812-661-8516
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