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Jasper Youth Sports Complex

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1. No person shall drink, sell, possess, make a gift, or offer for sale any alcohol or controlled substances on Complex property. No person under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance shall enter or remain at the Complex. No glass containers of any type are allowed on Complex property.

2. Smoking and use of other tobacco products is only allowed on the parking lots at the Complex. All cigarettes shall be completely extinguished and disposed of properly.

3. Motor vehicles must be properly parked in designated parking areas only. Motor vehicles shall not be parked on roadway, parked as to block vehicle, pedestrian or emergency access to the Complex, parked in grassed areas, in athletic areas or other posted areas, or left overnight. Upon authorization from an agent of the Board, violators may be cited and/or towed away at the vehicle owner's expense.

4. Bicycles are only allowed in designated areas on the Complex property. Motorized scooters and mopeds are only allowed on the parking lots on the Complex property. Roller blades, skateboards and nonmotorized scooters are not allowed on the Complex property.

5. No products are to be sold at the Complex that will compete with any concession stand agreement or violate any beverage /concession contracts that the City has with any Lessee or Vendor. There shall be no selling of any other products or goods or soliciting on the Complex property without the prior written permission of the Parks Department.

6. No pets of any kind are allowed on Complex property between March 1st and October 31st of each year. From the dates of November 1st to February 28th, pets may be on Complex property, but are not permitted on the athletic fields and concession stand area and must be leashed at all times. Pet owners are responsible for the removal of all fecal remains.

7. No person shall use obscene, profane, or abusive language while at the Complex. No person shall engage in disruptive, destructive, hazardous, vulgar, obscene or indecent conduct while at the Complex. No person shall engage in illegal conduct while at the Complex. Illegal conduct shall be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

8. Overnight camping is not allowed at the Complex. This includes the overnight parking of Recreational Vehicles. Campfires are not allowed at the Complex.

9. Trash is to be placed in containers provided throughout the Complex. Teams are expected to pick up litter on the fields and in the dug-outs after each game.

10. Fields prepared for play, locked or posted are not to be entered or used for play by anyone except the scheduled user.

11. Warm-up in designated areas only. Tossing the ball and hitting it into the ball field fences is not allowed.

12. A. Teams playing on the girls softball fields are encouraged to park in the north lot.
B. Teams playing on the Little League fields are encouraged to park in the west lot.
C. Teams playing on the Babe Ruth fields are encouraged to park in the south lot.

13. No person shall remain at the Complex who does not abide by these Rules, which have been adopted by the City of Jasper, through its Jasper Park and Recreation Board, for the preservation of good order and the protection of Complex property. No person shall remain at the Complex who does not abide by the instructions and directions of duly authorized employees or agents of the Board, in the lawful performance of their duties. Any person directed by an employee or agent of the Board to leave the Complex, shall do so promptly and peaceably. At the discretion of duly authorized employees or agents of the Board, persons may be banned from the Complex.

14. For the purposes of the enforcement of these Rules, the Jasper Park and Recreation Board hereby appoints Park Department employees, baseball and softball League Supervisors and/or League Officers and/or the Jasper Police Department as its agents.


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