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Applying a Reclamite Preservation Solution to Several Streets

As part of the City of Jasper’s on going infrastructure street maintenance, the Jasper Street Dept., along with contractor, RejuvTec, will be applying a Reclamite preservation solution to streets, beginning on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 at approximately 7:30 a.m. & will continue thru approximately 5:00 p.m. each day.

This process will continue for several days throughout the week, with the possibility of extending into next week, as a result of inclement weather conditions or any other unforeseen events.

Reclamite is an asphalt rejuvenating emulsion that restores the original binder back to its proper balance.

  • All vehicles must be removed from the street being treated, prior to 7:30 a.m.  
  • Affected residents will be notified (via door hanger) in advance of the treatment on their street.
  • Motorists will not be allowed on these streets prior to contractor removing barricades,
  • Once the barricades have been removed, EXTREME caution is suggested as the surface will be very slick (with the sand atop) & may result in solution becoming attached to vehicles.
  • The sand will be removed within 2 days.  
  • Trash, Recycling & Yard waste collection will proceed as normal & MUST be out no later than 7:00 a.m. for pickup, as our heavy trucks will not be traveling on the fresh application.

The Street Dept would like to thank you for your patience & cooperation while we do our best to preserve our infrastructure.

The affected streets are as follows:  (not necessarily in this order)

            Prince St – Evans Ln to Hannah Ln

            Evans Ln – Kluemper Rd to west end

            Sunshine Dr – 5th Ave to Evans Ln

            Sunshine Dr – Division Rd to Shelyn Dr

            Omega Dr – all

            W 5TH St – East of Lechner Ln

            Circle Pine Dr – all Cul de Sac

            Sapphire Dr – Brescher Dr to Pebble Dr

            Pebble Dr – Savannah Dr to 490 W

            Keusch Ln – Pebble Dr to south end

            Carroll St – 10th St to 13th St

            Emily St – 13th St to 15th St

            W 8th St – Newton St to Dorbett St

            W 9th St – Bartley St to Dorbett St

            Briarcliff Pkwy – Meridian Rd to Maplecrest Blvd

            Cedar Crest Ct – all Cul de Sac

            Timberbrook Ct – all Cul de Sac

            Oakmount Ct – all Cul de Sac

            Pine Meadow Ct – all Cul de Sac

            Leslie Dr – Northwood Ave to 33rd St

            Manor Dr – Reyling Dr to 36th St

            Mannheim Rd – 42nd St to 43rd St

            Baden Strasse – 43rd St to 45th St

            W 43rd St – Baden Strasse to Mannheim Rd

            W 45th St – Baden Strasse to west end

            Common Dr – US 231 to dead end

            Brosmer St – 26th St to 30th St

            New Birch Dr – Fieldcrest Ln to Portersville Rd

            Thornhill Dr – Marywood Dr to Portersville Rd

            Marywood Dr – Fieldcrest Ln to north end

            Marywood Dr – Fieldcrest Ln to south end

            Fieldcrest Ln – Portersville Rd to east end

            Vine St – 8th St to 14th St

            Main St – 9th St to 15th St (no 13th St intersection)

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