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Dubois County Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

For more information about the project or to take the public survey, please visit our project website at https://tswdesign.mysocialpinpoint.com/dubois-county.

In January 2021, Dubois County and the City of Jasper, Huntingburg, and other communities within the County were awarded a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Planning Grant from the Indiana State Department of Health. With this grant, the communities are excited to be developing a master plan that will address bicycling and pedestrian connectivity within the county.

The plan will evaluate overall bicycle and pedestrian connectivity in the county, will identify connections and routes for future facilities, identify short and long-term priorities for implementation, and make policy recommendations for the communities within the county to work in tandem to achieve a more bikeable and walkable culture in Dubois County. The planning process will run through the end of June 2021.