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Liquid Road Project

The Jasper Street Dept. along with contractor, Seal Master, will begin Asphalt Pavement Preservation Projects (Liquid Road), beginning on Monday, June 22, barring inclement weather or any other unforeseen events. 

This surface coating is comparable to seal coating, however, thicker, more durable & also, designed to wear/last longer than ordinary seal coating.

Motorists will not be allowed on these streets when Liquid Road is being applied & prior to it being thoroughly dry. 

Affected Residents will be notified via a door hanger the day before the application begins.

Residents must have all vehicles removed from garages, streets & driveways prior to 7:00 A.M. on the day which the application is to be applied to their street & will not be allowed back, until the street is re-opened. Each street affected, will be closed for approximately 2 days, depending on weather & material drying conditions.

Following is a list of those streets which will be affected: (will not necessarily be processed in this order)

            Eisenhower Ave – Brames Rd to Justin St

            Schroeder Ave – Brames Rd to Justin St

            Giesler Rd – Church Ave to Dead End

            Kaywood Ln – 2nd St to South End

            Cambridge Ct – N & S of 2nd St

            Gatsby Ct – N & S of 2nd St

            Shelyn Dr – Kluemper Rd to Sunshine Dr

            Keystone Ct – 15th St to Valley View

            Brownstone Ct – Cul-de-sac north of 20th St                    

The Jasper Street Dept. would like apologize for the inconvenience which this may cause & to thank all those affected, for your patience and cooperation during this project which helps the Street Dept keep our infrastructure in good condition.  

Jeff Theising, Street Commissioner
City of Jasper