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Jasper's Residential Trash Collection

Important Reminder... regarding Jasper's Residential Trash Collection

Placing two trash stickers on an over-weight trash bag, "more than 30 lbs.", is not allowed.

  • Each trash bag is required to have one trash sticker each and weigh 30 pounds or less.
  • Bulk items, which cannot fit in a trash bag, are required to have two trash stickers.
  • Trash crew members know that bulk items will require more than one employee to lift safely into the trash truck.
  • For ergonomic reasons only one employee can pick up a trash bag. 
  • Please take a moment to review Jasper's Residential Trash Collection guidelines, click link below:
    Residential Trash Collection website page- City of Jasper

Thank you for your understanding of this matter.

Jasper Street Department