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Winter Temperatures/Winter Strategy

With the unpredictable Winter Temperatures, the Jasper Street Dept would like to remind all City of Jasper Residents of its Winter Strategy:

When temperatures/wind chill is extreme, the Street Dept. will run 2 Trash & Recycle/Cardboard trucks for the route of the specific day of the week of which it falls, may be for several days/weeks, depending on the Temps, in an attempt to keep our Laborer’s safe & limit their exposure to the temperatures. 

Therefore, we are Reiterating the Ordinance Rules of: 

  • All Trash, Recycle/Cardboard MUST BE AT THE CURB, NO LATER THAN 7:00 A.M.
  • Due to time restrains, we CAN NOT come back NOR get your trash the next day should you miss the pick up.
  • We will also likely Not pick up Yard waste during extreme temperatures. 

We appreciate your cooperation with this matter in keeping our employees safe.

Jasper Street Department