Arts Center Information

The Arts Center includes an auditorium, dressing rooms, green room, community room/dance studio, and an art gallery.  In addition to JCAC-sponsored events, the facility is also used for community rentals and activities.  An off-site space is currently used for most art classes.

Technical Specifications 2016

Rent the Center

Jasper Arts Center Rate Schedule

The Jasper Arts Center is available for rental for a variety of uses. The Arts Center includes an auditorium, dressing rooms, green room, community room/dance studio and art gallery. Rental prices are based on the type of usage required as well as areas of the building used. All renters must provide liability insurance. Rentals are based on blocks of times: four hours for event, five hours for set-up and rehearsals. Full building rentals include general stage lighting (wash from the front and overhead), use of the house sound system and use of follow-spots (renter provides operators). Piano usage may also be arranged for an additional fee. A JCAC representative will be on hand for full building rentals to oversee lighting and sound.

The auditorium in the Arts Center is a 675 seat proscenium style theater. An additional 25 padded chairs are set up in the rear of the audience bringing the total capacity to 700. The proscenium opening is 40 ft. wide by 16 ft. high with the stage approximately 35 feet deep. Wing space is limited. The Arts Center also has a green room and two small dressing rooms (for 6 & 5 people) complete with rest room facilities and showers. The dressing rooms and the green room are half a level up from the stage.

The community room/dance studio is 27 ft. by 52ft. and is half a level down from the stage with direct access into the auditorium. The room features a resilient dance floor and mirrors along one wall. Adequate numbers of table and chairs are available in the community room for a variety of purposes.

The Krempp Gallery hosts monthly exhibits of works by local, regional and national artists. The Gallery also serves as the lobby for full building usages. A small kitchenette and a coat room are located directly off the Gallery and a box office is located at its entrance.

To inquire about renting the Jasper Arts Center, contact JCAC facility manager Doreen Lechner at (812) 482-3070 or e-mail

Resident Organizations

The Jasper Community Arts Commission is pleased to have these not-for-profit groups as Resident Organizations.

Actors Community Theatre

A volunteer organization providing opportunities for area individuals to participate in all aspects of theatre-as actor, musician, director, designer, stagehand or audience member. ACT provides a nurturing environment for area talent, producing quality productions for all people in southern Indiana at reasonable prices. For more information about upcoming shows and auditions, or to learn more about ACT, visit
or e-mail A.C.T.

Dubois County Art Guild

Formerly established in 1969. The organization strives to attract artists, exhibit their work and share their love of art with the community. The Art Guild holds an annual month-long exhibit in July in the Krempp Gallery of the Jasper Arts Center. To promote art education, a scholarship competition is held each year for high school seniors that plan to pursue an art career, Membership in the Guild is open to all adults interested in art and has been expanded to include surrounding counties. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the Month, generally at the Jasper Arts Center. For more information contact DCAG president Yvonne Hogan, (812) 634-1782.

The Jasper Arts Center is available for rental to community organizations, corporations and individuals. Just call the JCAC at 482-3070 and ask to speak to the facility manager.

Backstage Crew

General Information for Backstage Crew

Contacting JCAC Staff

If you need to reach JCAC staff, the office telephone number is (812) 482-3070. Ask for Doreen Lechner, Facilities Manager. 


Your agreeing to serve as a volunteer is a commitment that we greatly appreciate. We are contractually obligated to provide a certain number of crew, and we rely on your commitment to be at the Arts Center throughout the time period in which you have agreed. Each performance has a different set of time and crew requirements, but they typically include load in, set up, run of show and load out. In general, we prefer that volunteers can commit to the entire period (from load in through load out), but we are glad to have your help at any point.

Volunteer Assignments

The numbers of volunteers varies from performance to performance. In general, the Performers Series events require more personnel than do the Backstage and Family Series events. Although we may not solicit your help for a particular performance, you are encouraged to let us know if you would be interested in volunteering for any of the performances.

Volunteer positions will usually fall into the following categories:

  • Loaders loading and unloading scenery & equipment from trucks/vans (ALL volunteers help with the loading and unloading)
  • Carpenters setting up the stage scenery, platforms, etc.
  • Electricians hanging & focusing of lights; follow-spot & light console operation
  • Sound assist with set up of sound equipment & console operation
  • Props assisting with stage properties
  • Wardrobe assisting with costumes & wigs; steaming, ironing, repair; dressers
  • Runners running errands for the company; transporting bus drivers
  • Hospitality setting up snacks & drinks; making cast & crew comfortable

Volunteers should wear comfortable, working clothes for load in and out. If you have a pair of work gloves, you may want to bring those as well. We do provide gloves if you don't bring any. Backstage running crew personnel (during the performance) are to wear dark clothes, preferably blacks. If you are asked to usher, you should bring along some nice clothes for that. There will usually be time to leave and change before the show call, but if we are running tight, there may not be.

Professional Attitude

As a volunteer, you are a representative and serve as a reflection of the Jasper Community Arts Commission. We have received numerous compliments from performing groups on the ability, enthusiasm and professionalism of our stage crew. We ask that you refrain from inappropriate language and behavior while you're at the Jasper Arts Center.

Professional touring groups travel with only a skeletal technical supervisory crew. They rely on having local crew do the actual set up and running of the performance. Volunteers are assigned to certain members of the touring group and are answerable to them. If there are any difficulties, procedural concerns or suggestions, however, these need to be addressed to Doreen. She in turn will discuss them with the touring company. If your company supervisor has released you, please check with Doreen to be sure you are not needed for a different assignment.