Traffic Auxiliary

Front of Station

Created in 1987 the Jasper Police Department Traffic and Safety Auxiliary is a special division. The division's purpose is to provide traffic control at functions where large public gatherings are expected. The members also provide security both inside and outside the areas where these functions are held.
These include but are not limited to:

  • Sports functions
  • Concerts
  • Band contests
  • 5K events
  • The Strassenfest

They also may be called to duty to augment the police department for such details as:

  • major accidents
  • fires
  • barricading
  • security patrol
  • disasters
  • other details deemed necessary for the protection of the police officers and the public.


2018 Traffic Aux_Terry Schwartz  2018 Traffic Aux_Justin Hoffman  2018 Traffic Aux_Nick Hoffman

      Commander of Auxiliary                           Auxiliary Officer                              Auxiliary Officer

            Terry Schwartz                                   Justin Hoffman                                 Nick Hoffman

  2018 Traffic Aux_Alex Flores2018 Traffic Aux_David Julian2018 Traffic Aux_Austin Tobin

             Auxiliary Officer                                Auxiliary Officer                               Auxiliary Officer

                Alex Flores                                       David Julian                                     Austin Tobin