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Jasper Street Department Snow Removal


The Street Department utilizes 14 vehicles in its snow fighting efforts: 2 salt brine applicators, 7 one-ton trucks with salt spreaders & plows, and 5 heavy duty trucks with salt spreaders & plows.

Street Department crews are divided into two shifts, each shift places a crew member in each of 12 snow fighting zones throughout the City of Jasper.

During a snow event, the Street Department first concentrates on the major traffic collecting streets in each zone. Once both lanes of these streets have had one pass thru, crews work on lesser traveled streets.

Because of the great amount of time & low traffic volumes, dead ends & cul-de-sacs get attention once other areas have been treated. After all streets have had one pass thru on each lane, crews will begin to widen the travel lanes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the liquid material I see the Street Department spraying on the streets? 

This material is called salt brine. It is manufactured by Street Department personnel by mixing water with salt to create a solution with a 23% salt concentration & is applied to streets prior to a snow event. This solution aids in snow removal by slowing the bond of snow or ice on the pavement.

Salt brine is an effective substance, unless the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Should the forecast call for temperatures below 20 degrees, a sugar beet by-product, called De-Ice, is added to the salt brine.

The addition of this product increases the melting effects of the salt brine.

The De-Ice, (or commonly called Beet Juice), is slightly sticky and smells like molasses, which is environmentally safe.

Why not use De-Ice all of the time?

Salt brine is less costly than De-Ice.

Who clears sidewalks and driveways?

Sidewalks & driveways are the responsibility of residents and property owners. Residents are requested to shovel snow into the yard if possible, not onto the street. Putting snow onto the street causes dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. City crews try to avoid putting large piles of snow in front of driveways; however, it is not always possible to avoid.

Why do the snow plow operators plow my driveway shut?

It is impossible for snow plow operators to plow the windrow from every driveway.

Snow plows push snow, it is not a bucket with which you can pick up snow and deposit it elsewhere.

To avoid having to double shovel, simply wait until after your street has been plowed prior to clearing your driveway.

Should you shovel your driveway prior to the snow plow getting to your street, please shovel the snow to the passing side of your driveway (the left side when entering your driveway). The plow will be past your driveway when it hits the snow pile.

Other Helpful Tips 

  • Please make every effort to remove vehicles from the side of the streets to allow for plowing.
  • Please avoid being on streets if you do not need to be on them, as traffic slows the snow removal process.
  • Should you meet a snow plow on the street, please pull to the side, allowing plenty of room for it to pass.
  • If you are following a snow plow, please keep a minimum of 75 feet from the rear of the plow.

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