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Spring Hydrant Flushing Completed

UPDATED May 22, 2018:  
The Jasper Municipal Water Department is pleased to inform the Public that the Spring hydrant flushing is now complete.


UPDATED again 5-9-2018
UPDATED 4-25-2018 
The Jasper Municipal Water Department continues to flush all City fire hydrants. The flushing is from approximately 8:00 a.m. thru 3:00 p.m.; Monday through Friday, weather permitting.

The water is safe for pet and human consumption.  Run your cold water tap until the water is clear if you have discoloration.  Questions concerning the flushing can be directed to Jasper Municipal Water Department, 812-482-5252.

Thank you for your corporation.



The Jasper Municipal Water Department, is informing the public that we will begin our Spring Hydrant Flushing, Monday, April 9th (weather permitting).  Flushing will last for several weeks, until all hydrants are flushed.

If your water is discolored, run your cold water tap until it clears.  The water is still safe for human and pet consumption.  Questions concerning the flushing may be made to 812-482-5252.

Thank you!
Jasper Municipal Water Department