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Jasper Named in Another Top 10 of Indiana’s Safest Cities

(Jasper, Indiana) – Jasper has again earned distinction by being included in the Top 10 of Indiana’s Safest Cities as determined by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, which is a part of alarms.org. This is the third such time in the last four years Jasper has been named in the Top 10.

“Being named as one of the Top 10 Safest Cities in the State of Indiana is a great honor.  The recognition is validation for all of the great work that our officers are doing”, said Jasper Police Chief Nathan Schmitt.  “However, much credit needs to be given to the citizens of Jasper, who take pride in the community, continue to show us support, and assist us by being the eyes and ears of their neighborhoods.”   

Mayor Terry Seitz agrees.  “The citizens, workforce and visitors to Jasper are our greatest resource.  JPD officers and communications staff work diligently to prevent, as well as respond, to the needs of those they serve.”

The National Council for Home Safety and Security is a national trade association comprised of licensed alarm installers, contractors, and other relevant trade groups across the United States. Our stated goal is to further industry education and public knowledge about home safety and security.