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Jasper Sustains Class 4 ISO Rating

(Jasper) – Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz announces the City of Jasper has sustained its fire rating for areas served by the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department.  During a recent Public Protection Classification audit, the fire, water and police communications center were analyzed by the risk assessment organization, Insurance Services Office (ISO). The result is that Jasper has once again earned a Class 4 which will continue to positively impact the cost of property and casualty insurance for residents and businesses.

“This is a significant result for Jasper as only 17% of communities audited achieve a Class 4 rating or better”, said Seitz. “Even more amazing is Jasper’s volunteer department is scored the same way as fulltime departments elsewhere.” Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang said his department is very pleased with the ISO rating, “We acknowledge the score reflects not only the work of the fire department but collaboration between us, the Jasper Police Department Communications Center and the Jasper Gas and Water Department.”

Police Chief Nathan Schmitt credits “the dedication and professionalism of JPD dispatchers” while Tim Doersam, Manager of the Jasper Gas and Water Department commented, “This is fantastic news and it underscores the continued improvements we have made to the water system in Jasper.”

ISO is an independent organization that serves 45,000 fire districts, insurance companies, and insurance regulators by providing information about risk.  Virtually all U.S. insurers of homes and business property use ISO's Public Protection Classification in calculating premiums.